uc athletics: environmental graphics

Fifth Third arena: facade

As many people in the Cincinnati area know, Fifth Third Arena underwent a major renovation during the 2017-2018 season. Along with the revamping of the inside of the building, the outside will also be update with graphics. The goal was to create a design for the side of Fifth Third Arena that would be cohesive with the different architecture on campus as well as abstractly hinting that basketball takes place within the building. Working collaboratively, several designs were created and later combined to create the facade graphics below.

Initial Rendering - Fall 2016

Initial Rendering - Fall 2016

Athletic Facilities: weight room graphic

The University of Cincinnati is very passionate about athletics and making sure the student athletes are getting the most out of their experience at UC. Graphics were requested for the main weight room used by all athletic teams to liven up the somewhat plain room. Several different concepts were explored that included the use of color photography, black and white photography, and the overlaying of graphics upon different imagery. The final design was created using high contrast black and white imagery of various athletic facilities separated into individual panels. The panels were created so as the university grows and facilities change, the graphics can be updated in sections to avoid a complete re-installation of the large scale graphics.

winners tunnel: garage graphic

“I am a Bearcat. We are larger than life, we are the face of the Bearcat.”

The Winners Tunnel Graphic in the Varsity Village Garage was designed with the quote above in mind. Using images of key players from different teams, they were incorporated into one design showcasing the players that truly are the faces of the Bearcats.